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The dentist that PETA hates, Walter Palmer, has finally broken his silence about killing Cecil the Lion in a recent interview.

When Palmer was asked about the hunt itself, he cited his initial statement in defense of his actions, while Friedberg said, “Everything was done properly. This was a legal hunt for a lion in Zimbabwe. And because of the professionalism of the people who had to help him, a lion was taken.”

Palmer would only say that he wounded the lion, tracked it and finished it off with another arrow in far less time than the 40 hours cited in earlier news accounts.

As for where the dentist has been since the Telegraph newspaper of London broke the news that it was Palmer who felled Cecil, he said, “I’ve been out of the public eye seeing family and friends,” characterizing his time as similar to what he might typically do on a day off from the office.

Palmer said that he was not in hiding, as some media outlets in the U.S. and overseas had stated, adding that he has kept his profile low because of “some safety issues” for his family.

“This has been especially hard on my wife and my daughter,” he said, at times with his forearms on the conference table and hands folded in front of him, other times leaning back, listening intently.

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