ANGLER CATCHES & KILLS MASSIVE SHARK: Cue The #Cecil Ragers In 3.. 2.. 1

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How long before the social media mob goes after this fisherman?

A gigantic six-metre tiger shark’s corpse has had its jaw stripped out to be kept as a trophy after it was hauled onto a fishing boat off the Australian coast over the weekend.

Geoff Brooks posted two images of the six metre apex predator to Facebook on Tuesday, claiming that the tiger shark was ‘caught off 7 Mile Beach’ near Lennox Head, on the northern New South Wales coast, at some stage last week.

‘As far as I’m aware; It was a kill order on a shark here on the far north coast that was identified as being responsible for a local attack.’

‘And yes – it’s real,’ he added.

Mr Brooks said he could not confirm if the shark was killed intentionally after hearing reports that the marine predator may have been caught in nets surrounding the Lennox Head area.

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