YOUNG HUNTRESS: Interrupts Prom Day For EPIC Grizzly Bear Hunt

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This is a true Alaskan prom. This 15 year old girl decided to go on a bear hunt just a couple hours before her prom.

ANCHORAGE – Prom night is a memorable event for teens across the world — but it’s even more so for a Kotzebue girl, whose parents say she hunted and killed a grizzly bear hours before taking to the dance floor last weekend.

A Facebook video posted by 15-year-old Cassidy Kramer’s mother, Corina Kramer, shows a series of images from the hunt and her preparations for the Kotzebue Middle High School prom. The video, shared with KTUU by the family, congratulates Cassidy, addressing her by her nickname “DD.”

Cassidy’s father, Lance Kramer, led the Saturday bear hunt in which she took part. He said predator control is important to local families, with moose populations declining in the area’s Game Management Unit 23.

With Cassidy’s prom looming, the group turned around and headed back. Lance, who was riding a heavier snowmachine than Cassidy, said she eventually “just passed me and rode ahead and went home by herself.”

“We had to get back fast, because it was 5:40 and prom was at 8,” Lance Kramer said. “We got back at 7 and she went upstairs and took a quick shower and did her hair.”

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