‘THERE’S A HUGE ANIMAL IN THE F****** BUSH!’: Park Ranger Slams Tourist Who Ignored His Orders Around Dangerous Game

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When the game ranger tells you to stay back, you stay back. This German tourist apparently didn’t understand that.

A German tourist nearly ruined a once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure for everyone involved after he failed to follow a game ranger’s orders to stay away from wild animals in the bush.

In this footage, uploaded by YouTube user Nic During, a game ranger is faced with a very difficult situation when a German tourist repeatedly ignores his instructions.

It all begins when the ranger hears a predator in the nearby bush and he immediately tells the group to keep quiet and stand back.

The German tourist in question, however, simply refuses to keep quiet – and even goes so far as to step toward the bush to get a better look.

It’s clear that the ranger is getting annoyed as the walking safari continues, and the real meltdown begins a few moments later.

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