MUGABE VS. HUNTERS: Zimbabwe’s ‘President’ Threatens to Take Over Safari Operations

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Zimbabwe’s President wants to now regulate Safari operations, claiming that people are not owners of animals. Never mind how much good hunting does in bringing jobs and food to people who have neither.

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe threatened to take over local white-owned safari operations as he celebrated his 91st birthday in Victoria Falls on Saturday.

“We are not owners of the animals even that run hither and thither in our forests,” Mugabe, wearing a red scarf and a black suit, said.

“They (Europeans) still have farms and privately they arrange with visitors in America to come, they do their own things and pay themselves; kill animals carry trophies with them.

“There is no supervision. But we are now going to invade these forests,” Mugabe said in a rambling two-hour long speech to thousands of youths who sat sipping yoghurt shipped in from the First Family’s dairy farm near Harare.

Mugabe appeared to be referring to some private white and foreign owned conservancies still operating in Zimbabwe.

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