DEAD GORILLAS: Here’s The 60 Minutes Story Animal Activists Don’t Want You To See

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The loony animal activists don’t want you to know about the reality of releasing zoo animals back into the wild.

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a story profiling controversial conservationist and animal activist Damian Aspinall and his quest to close all zoos and release all animals back to the wild.

Stahl followed Aspinall’s effort to release nine of the zoo-born silverback gorillas in his care at his sprawling estate in England to the wilds of Gabon in Africa.

As the 60 Minutes crew filmed, Aspinall’s team completed a bridge to the unprotected portion of the forest. They then lured all nine gorillas, including a baby gorilla, across the bridge with food.

“If only we could end on an optimistic note. But we can’t. A month after the gorillas crossed the bridge, Damian’s team found all five adult females dead, including Tamki – as well as baby Akou. An outcome so many of Damian’s critics predicted.”

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