MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY: Is Under Insane/Vicious Attacks For Hunting On His Own Ranch

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Anti-hunters are irrational, unscientific, certifiable, grade-A dumbasses with a capital D when it comes to conservation via hunting.

Matthew McConaughey has recently come under attack by some animal rights groups for a ranch he runs that allows people to pay for a hunt.

Along with his brother, Matt owns and operates a ranch in Mertzon, Texas. They breed horses, sell cows and hosts hunts for people.

People can go out during the day and shoot deer. However the crazy activist groups are complaining that the deer hang by the feeding areas and are easy targets.

Oh ya… and they are “fenced in” on 22,000 acres! Geeze.

It gets worse when you read some of the comments via Facebook aimed directly at Matt.


“We just lost all respect for you … This is NOT HUNTING … This is disgusting behavior for human beings!”

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