GRIZZLIES ARE BAD-ASS: Grizzly Kills Moose in Driveway…On Video…Pulls Heart Out And Eats It

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The circle of life — it isn’t exactly what you’d see on a Disney movie. Please forward to PETA, they might need to protest the Grizzlies.

By McKibben Jackinsky, Homer News

Low rumblings awoke Gary Lyon about 6:30 a.m. Sunday. His first thought was that Bonzer, his dog, was entertaining company on the deck of the Skyline Drive home where Lyon and his wife, Terri, live.

Lyon was correct; the sounds were from an animal. But it wasn’t his dog. It was a moose in a life-and-death battle with a grizzly. The moose lost.

“I looked out the window and to my astonishment there were huge chunks of moose hair scattered up the driveway,” Lyon said. “Then I saw these two big animals a mature sow brown bear that had this cow moose in its death grip. They were in the midst of the struggle.”

Lyon woke up his wife and they began taking pictures of what was happening.

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