NAZI FOR DINNER: ‘Neo-Nazi’ Man Mauled By Lion At Barcelona Zoo

Written by Gayne C. Young on December 9, 2014

As if being a Nazi wasn’t crazy enough…

A man reported to be a Neo-Nazi was nearly mauled to death when he jumped into an African lion enclosure at the Barcelona Zoo.

The 45-year-old man was attacked by a lioness almost immediately after jumping the fence to the big cats’ enclosure. The lioness was joined by other lions and they quickly dragged the man identified as Justo Jose – and a Neo-Nazi – into a tunnel and mauled him for about a half hour. He was rescued about a half an hour later.

Director of Barcelona Municipal Services Ignasi Armengol was quick to point out that the lions weren’t doing anything nefarious when they attacked the man. Armengol said,

“The intention was not to kill him, they were just trying to play with him.”

I can’t decide if this incident implies that lions have good taste or bad.




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