HOLY CRAP: Dude Survives 525lb. Bear Mauling With Only This In His Hand

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That’s one lucky hombre!

CENTER CITY, Minn. – In the annals of hunting stories, this one wins.

On a fall day near Sand Stone, Minn., Brandon Johnson, a hunter since he could walk, helped his camp track a black bear that his friend shot.

“We wanted to give it four hours before we went out and looked for it to make sure the animal had expired,” said Johnson.

It was difficult to track the bear in the low moonlight and dense forest. Suddenly, what Johnson had been looking for, found him.

The 525-pound bear charged Johnson, knocking him unconscious briefly.

“One tooth of the bear just broke the (left arm) bone right in half,” he said.

But Johnson had a 5-inch knife in his right hand.

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