THAT’D BE UNCOMFORTABLE: LIVE Fish Removed from a Man’s Intestine in Video from Brazil

Written by Gayne C. Young on November 5, 2014

You Have A Fish Where?

An unidentified man – and you’ll understand why he wants to remain unidentified in a minute – had emergency surgery in Londrina, Brazil recently to remove a live lungfish from his intestine.

Told you you’d understand why.

It is unknown how the live fish found its way into the unidentified man’s body but one report claims that the intestinal invader was two feet in length at the time of its removal.

The disgusting event was caught on camera and apparently posted on a number of social media sites and on Live Leak. Hospital staff can be heard on the video exclaiming in Portuguese, ‘This one is for the history” and “I have just sent the pic by mail.”

This star making film didn’t sit well with the unidentified man and he filed a formal complaint with Hospital Universitário against the unauthorized filming. News reports claim that phones and cameras are now banned from the operating room.

The fish was euthanized once it was removed from the suffering man.

I would have kept the thing in an aquarium for all to see!

Would you?

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