ANTI-HUNTERS ARE INSANE: Huntress Eva Shockey Gets Hate Filled Schlock From Tree-Humpers, ‘Kill Your Dog’

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This is Liberal Logic 101. The anti-hunting freaks would rather kill puppies than help conservation efforts.

A well known female hunter generated some extreme reaction from some people after she posted a picture of a just-killed bear on Facebook.

Canadian Eva Shockey is the daughter of famous outdoorsman Jim Shockey and the co-host of “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” on Outdoor Channel.

She drew some fierce backlash, but also a ton of support, when she posted the following on Facebook last week.

Shockey discussed the intolerance for hunting this morning on “Fox and Friends,” believing that many people lack understanding about why people hunt.

“Honestly, if anything, it makes me a little bit sad because the people that are saying these things, I think they’re showing hatred because they are fearful. They don’t understand why we hunt. They don’t understand hunting and conservation and all the good things that we’re doing,” she said.

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