I THINK HE’S ANGRY: Sea Lion Throws Fisherman Like A Rag Doll

Written by Gayne C. Young on October 15, 2014


What’s tougher than a Russian fisherman?

How about a sea lion.


Then watch the above video to see just how tenacious a sea lion can be as it tosses a Russian sailor like an empty Doritos bag before going ape – errr, seal – on a dog.

The melee began when fishermen went to remove the female Steller sea lion from their nets.  No sooner had they cut the ungrateful pinniped free than she went haywire.

Ok, the animal was obviously frightened and just defending itself but is that anyway to greet your savior?

I think not.

And I also think I’ll stay clear of sea lions.

They’re nasty!





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