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Hey, Cali morons. Mountain Lions don’t fear humans because they aren’t hunted. Allow hunting and this crap will stop. Check it out…

A massive search is underway for a mountain lion that mauled a six-year-old boy as he hiked with his parents in California on Sunday.

The boy, who has not been identified, was lucky to escape alive after the beast pounced on him from behind at 1pm as he walked though the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve in Cupertino.

After grabbing the boy, the lion began dragging him away before the child’s father and another man fought it off, authorities said.

The youngster suffered bite wounds and scratches to his head and neck following the attack and is recovering at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he was listed in fair condition.

Lieutenant Paul Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said authorities are deploying dogs on the trail on Monday to track the animal and if DNA samples from saliva on the boy’s shirt match any animal captured, it will be killed ‘in the interest of public safety’.

While tracks have been found and dogs have picked up on the scent of the cat, there has still not been a visual sighting of the animal.

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