CROC STAR: Brutus, the Giant Crocodile, Catches, Kills And Eats A BullShark

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Mother nature is a serial killer.  I wonder if PETA will try to block crocs from Facebook and if they’ll lobby to ban them for killing a helpless fishy?

The 5.5-metre crocodile pictured with a bull shark between its jaws a few days ago has made international headlines and become a reptilian celebrity.

But this is not the first time the 80-year-old two-tonne beast called Brutus, has attracted international attention. Photographs of him lifting his two-tonne frame out of the Adelaide River in the Northern Territory to gnaw at some kangaroo meat during a ‘jumping crocodile’ tour made headlines in 2011.

The giant crocodile is known on the river tours for his huge size and the fact that he is missing his right foreleg – believed to have been torn off in a fight with a shark.

‘We get a lot of requests about Brutus,’ said Harry Bowman from Adelaide River Cruises. ‘We get many phone calls, are you the one who has Brutus? Have we got the right tour to see Brutus? You could say he’s a local celebrity.’

‘He’s been with us for quite a few years, we can’t guarantee that he’ll come out at every cruise, but he makes appearances pretty regularly.’

Brutus’s appeal, he says is his ‘sheer size and the fact he’s missing a leg.’

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