VEGETARIANS ARE EVIL BASTARDS: Plants Feel Pain But Calloused Vegetarians Slaughter Them Anyway

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How can vegetarians be so calloused and continue to eat vegetables, murdered vegetables, after watching this video which clearly shows plants reacting to pain?

Since the vegan/veggie boys and girls now can’t eat neither animals or vegetables because of how cruel it is to do so to a living organism, what, pray tell, will they be reduced to dine on?

Howzabout, plastic?  Yes, that’s it.  Why don’t you anti-hunting yarbling, pain-in-the-ass, vegans, who wear leather and kill carrots, open your pie-hole and munch on the ubiquitous empty water bottles that litter our land? At least you’d be doing something for the environment by recycling plastic via your digestive system.

If that doesn’t appeal to you edamame people, what about just shutting the front door about your food choice and let people eat whatever the hell they want to hunt and eat you veggie killer?











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