BEAR NECESSITIES: Lumberjack Rescues Bear Whose Head Got Stuck In A Milk Jug

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Check out this video of a lumberjack saving a bear from it’s head being stuck in a milk can. He yanks the can off with the claw of a logging vehicle and then the bear runs off.

Via YouTube description:

The nail-biting moment when a carefully maneuvered tractor claw was used to pull a milk can off a bear’s head has been caught on camera.

Garrett Smith, a lumberjack from Wisconsin, is seen in a cell phone filmed video driving up to the distressed wild animal in a corn field.

He then lowers a claw on the logging vehicle to the bear’s head and successfully yanks the old dairy can off.

After being rescued, the small black bear bounds off back towards the woods.

Mr Smith is heard expressing his astonishment at what just happened as he climbs out of his truck to inspect the old milk can.











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