ANIMAL RIGHTS LUNATICS: German Journalist Triggers Death Threats Against American Hunter

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A German financial journalist triggered attacks on an American hunter by some of her fellow “animal rights” cultists that have included death threats against the hunter.

Respected German journalist and animals rights activist, Silvia Wadhwa commented on a mundane picture of Argys’s daughter and housecat recently by linking to the picture of the mountain lion – sending the photograph viral and sparking the vitriol.

The photo was then reposted to animal rights groups and anti-hunting forums such as the International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action – where Argys received a barrage of criticism.

‘They were calling me horrible names. They were saying they wanted to kill me, they wanted to see me dead, they called me fat, they called me ugly, they called me the B-word, they called me the C-word,’ said Argys to CBS.
‘There really wasn’t anything they weren’t willing to call me and to say.

One comment reads, ‘The only answer is to take out these psychopaths. Problem solved — animals saved.’

Another comment calls for ‘an eye for an eye.’

And another, ‘You are a disgrace to those of us who respect life, human and animal. I’d love to hunt YOU and hang YOUR head on my living room wall.

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