HUNT/FISH: Young Huntress Bags Kudu on Her 1st African Safari

Written by Doug Giles on March 2, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.29.02 AM

Regis Giles bagged a magnificent 51″ Kudu bull on her first safari to South Africa.  She took him with a CZ550 chambered for a classic African round, the 9.3x62mm.

Her Bio: Regis Giles, of, is a leading voice for Second Amendment Rights, self-defense and conservationism. Her media appearances include: ELLE Magazine, The Daily Mail, ABC, CNN, & Fox News.

Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.44.40 AMCheck out her hunting movie: Kudu Voodoo: Breaking the Hex of Africa’s Vexing Gray Ghost.  Travel with Regis Giles to South Africa on the hunt of a lifetime!  Packed with adventure, family fun and lots of laughs; watch as Regis pursues giant Kudu bulls in an effort to break the hex of Africa’s vexing gray ghost.

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