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VIDEO: Idiot Skateboarder Sets Self On Fire Then Can’t Put It Out!

  What the hell? Is there really an idiot born every minute! Best Fails - Timeline | Facebook

VIDEO: Now PETA Finds Street Names Offensive!

  Could this group get any crazier?

VIDEO: Rodeo Clowns Flip Ends Face Down In…

  Good form... Bad dismount! Right into a pile of...

VIDEO: Texan Claims Self-Defense In Turtle Attack

  He killed the turtle with a hammer... But claims the killing was in self-defense.

VIDEO: Hold Your Breath, This Marine Drill Is Intense!

  Hold onto something... And hold your breath! This might make you choke!

VIDEO: Bongo Hunting Here and There

  Here's all you ever wanted to know about bongo!

Outdoor Beasts Flourish In New Kong: Skull Island Trailer

  Kong is back... Or maybe a cousin of his... Something. Just check out what does appear in the new Kong: Skull Island trailer.

VIDEO: Wonder Woman Goes BEAST Mode!

  Watch as our favorite Amazon takes some Germans to town a'la BEAST MODE in Wonder Woman!

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Idiot Gang Banger Wannabe Shoots Self In Face!

  GRAPHIC and STUPIDITY WARNING! This is about dumb as hell! Kasper Knight - Plot twist: I shot myself in the face.... | Facebook From Facebook Plot twist: I shot myself in the face. Synopsis: I actually wanted to put...

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tiger Attack In China

  If the sign says, "Stay in your car," then... STAY IN YOUR CAR! Tiger attacks and kills woman at safari park in China, THIS is the horrifying moment that a woman is killed and badly injured...


  When the hunter becomes the hunted!

VIDEO: Orangutan Gets REAL Touchy Feely With Gal!

  Who knew that orangutans were such pervs?

VIDEO: This Woman Handles Road Rage In A Way We’ve NEVER SEEN!

  Good Lord woman! That's how you exhibit road rage?

VIDEO: Cape Cod Has Mermaid Mammary Issues!

  Don't people have real things to worry about? Stuff other than a mermaid's breasts!

VIDEO: How’d Fisting That Bear Trap Work Out For Ya?

  Why the hell would anyone even try this? Makes for some funny watching though!

Does The Change In Chris Kyle’s Record Change Your Opinion?

  The Navy made "some mistakes" And now Chris Kyle isn't quite as heroic as we were led to believe. Is this a real mistake? Liberal smear campaign? Or just good old fashion BS? WASHINGTON — Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the...

VIDEO: DO NOT Watch This Video Alone!

  There are some true OUTDOOR BEASTS in this one!

VIDEO: Most Upsetting Video From The Dallas Massacre

  We have no words for this... This is the horrifying moment a brave police officer attempted to shoot one of the Dallas gunmen- only for the bullet to bounce off his armored vest and for him...

VIDEO: Darcie Demonstrates The Inshore Saltwater Lip Diver Lure

  Darcie's back... And she's here to show us how to use an Inshore Saltwater Lip Diver Lure!

VIDEO: Is This The Ultimate Preppers Tool?

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk could be our new favorite multi-tool. See why in the video below!

VIDEO: Jessie J’s New Title Will Make You Sick!

  Screw her... Screw Liam... Screw Miley!

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe The Air This Mako Gets!

  Talk about Air Mako! Jake Beazley - Mako Shark come up to the boat in 35m of... | Facebook

VIDEO: These Hogs Never Stood A Chance Against Beowulf

  Hunting hawgs with a the  .50 Beowulf!

VIDEO: Russian Road Rage Fight Is A BEAST!

  Jeeze... If the first guy knocks him out... Is it really necessary for the second to bring out a bat?

VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What She Did To America!

  What do you think of her actions? Her apology?

VIDEO: Rat Takes On Snake…And You Won’t Believe It!

  When the snake brought the fight to the baby rat... Mamma rat said hell to the no!

VIDEO: Trust Us…You’ll Want This Belt!

  This is one Bad A** belt! And we want one! Get your Survival Belt here

VIDEO: Where This Writer Smokes, Drinks, And…Writes!

  Things look pretty damn nice over at Tabak Haus in FBG, Texas.

VIDEO: This German Flak 36 88mm Cannon ROCKS!!!

  Bring the boom with this  German Flak 36 88mm Cannon. Would love to have one of these!

VIDEO: You’ll Want A Timahawk Come The Apocalypse…

  This thing's one epic tool! And we want one! Get a Timahawk HERE

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