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Watch: Bro Proposes In A Waterfall – That Was A Bad Idea

He had that big moment all figured out. Or did he? Romantic location? Check. Buddy filming it? Check. Ring? Check. Has he forgotten anything? Whoops. THAT wasn't supposed to happen. Maybe he didn't QUITE think it through as well as he should have. The Effeminization Of The American Male by Doug Giles 
 Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog,, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into...

Watch: Metallica’s Front Man Leaves Liberal LaLaLand For More Hunting Friendly Pastures

Being a Top-Tier rock star doesn't mean you have to give up the simple things in life. Hetfield loves the outdoors so much he left the big city. Metallica's James Hetfield sat down with Joe Rogan to talk about how getting outdoors helps him keep his feet on the ground, and stay energized. He talks about attitudes of people he knew in the big city towards hunters. He even mentioned getting grief...

Yikes! Check Out The World’s 7 Most Dangerous Beaches

Looking for a little 'vitamin sea' for your vacation? Scratch these beaches off your list. Sometimes it really pays to read the brochure before booking that trip. Sharks? Jellyfish that can kill? Crocs? Snakes? Have a look at what makes these Seven Most Dangerous Beaches so inhospitable. Enjoy!

GoPro Released Epic In Your Face Clip Of Great White Shark Attack

How close could YOU get to a Great White before you straight up panic? A diver in South Africa submitted this stellar entry for the GoPro Awards. You've gotta have nerves of steel to be a diver. Especially in shark-infested waters. And to be this close without a full panic retreat? Day-um. Well done, sir!

Dear Santa: Please Send Me The World’s First High-Speed Amphibious ATV

Looking for a new toy, but can't decide between something that can crash through the brush or something that can skim the waves? What if you could have both? Whether you want to leave a cloud of dust or leave jetskis in your wake, you've got it covered with this new German toy. In less than 5 seconds, your ATV can go wheels-up and be skimming across the water. But it...

Video: Screw Shark Week – Giant Hammerhead Hunting Blacktip Sharks Is Way Cool

It's a shark-eat-shark world. And now that we've got drones in the air, we can watch the real thing in action. Here we have a hammerhead on the hunt in South Florida, filmed by Josh from BlacktipH. Even for a guy who does this for a living, it's not something he sees every day. It's the real deal. Enjoy! (Unless you'd rather watch that digital stuff on TV.)

Cute Chick Goes Spearfishing With Crazy DIY Tools (Video)

Could you use what's laying around your house to feed your family? This chick just did. She's got a PVC pipe, some nails, some tools and a small body of water. And when she's done building it? Dinner is served! So, are we looking at 'dream girl' material or nah?

Epic Fails: These Bros ‘Messed With The Bull’ … And Paid The Price (Video)

Is 'Running with the Bulls' on your 'bucket list'? This clip of it may change your mind. These clips show you how many ways that can go horribly (and hilariously) wrong. Chased into the water. Chased onto a ... rooftop? Yes, a rooftop. Try explaining THAT to your insurance adjuster. Chased on a beach? A beach?? Losing your shorts? (That's gotta hurt more than just your pride.) Think a rubber raft will help you...

Watch: Sometimes, The Prey Gets Away

Even big predators lose their lunch sometimes. Here are some examples. Enjoy! Do you like cheering for the underdog? For that Zebra to escape the lion. For a quick leap away from the jaws of a croc. If you like cheering the underdog, and prey living to fight another day... This clip is for you.

Watch: Stossel’s New Plan To Save Rhinos After Enviro Bans Failed Utterly

Prohibition has failed every time it's been tried. Becuase it doesn't account for human nature. This plan, on the other hand, works WITH it. This strategy involves hitting both supply AND demand to protect endangered rhinos. Let's be honest about the size of the problem: Rhinos could be extinct within 10 years. So how do you fix it? Like the video says, there are 'awareness' movements trying to stop it, but they are failing. They've...

Like Sharks? The Water Is Teeming With Them

If you're nervous around sharks, this clip might make you swear off the ocean forever. Hey, it's 'Shark Week'. Why turn on your TV to get a fix of sharks? We've got a whole mess of them right here. Enough of them to make a Nervous Nelly soil his wetsuit. Still interested in that snorkeling trip? Ok, how about now? What exactly did you THINK was under the water?

Bucket List: Now There’s A Surfboard… That Can Fly!

They still haven't gotten McFly's hoverboard perfected, but that's ok... surfing's got that beat. Basically, it's a mashup of two great ideas. The surfboard was a great idea to begin with. They combined it with a propeller and a hydrofoil. What came out of that marriage is a thing of beauty. Speaking of beauty... here's the propeller. Here's what it looks like when you open the throttle. Of course, these toys don't come cheap....

Like A Boss: Caveman Bro Builds A House Nicer Than Yours (Video)

You're in a forest, with no tools. Can you build a permanent building with a tile roof and heated floors? HE can! He made his own tools from the stone and wood on site. Nothing else. He made fire. He chopped down trees. He built a hut. He made clay. And turned it all into a killer cabin! credit: Primitive Technology

Video: Here’s What Happens When You Mix Beer & Boats – Epic Boating Fails

What's better than ONE hilarious boating fail? A compilation, of course! We've got your fix for boating fails. Everything from clumsiness, to stupidity, and even explosives. And of course, there's a number of 'hold my beer' moments. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments. Did you enjoy a good laugh? Share it with your buddies.

Watch: Fishing Femme Fatale Jet Powers Kayak – Hold On To Your Lugnuts!

Don't let the small size fool you. This little kayak can really run with the big dogs. And it holds its own in fresh water or salt. Watch it at work... And you won't be laughing at its tiny profile anymore. You'll be looking up pricing.

Watch: Lady Pays In Blood To Help Ungrateful Water Logged Bird Of Prey

From the 'no good deed goes unpunished' file... One bird of prey did a bellyflop in the water. Was it a 'goner'? Nah, a 'good Samaritan' saw the bird and decided to help. One lady reached out with a paddle and gave the bird somewhere to stand, and the boat started heading to shore. The well-meaning girl paid a price for her kindness, one that will probably leave a scar. She meant well, anway....

Pro Runner Gets To Practice When 2 Bears Decide They’d Like To Play!

Where he went for safety is almost as crazy as his desperate run itself! You or I would have been toast. But this guy's a REAL runner. And the bears had trouble keeping up. He tells his story about his desperate run, and just wait until you see where he fled for safety. It wouldn't even hold back an excited dog, and he hoped it would protect him from bears. He tells...

This Worm Looks Like A Cross Between A Demon’s Hammer And A WTF!

This nasty little critter is a predator with some really disgusting habits. Like digesting his prey BEFORE eating them. (And that's not all.) When this was first trending on social media it was captioned 'what kind of snake is this?' And if you don't have a sense of scale, this worm really does look like some sort of exotic, vicious snake. Have a look: It looks nasty enough just crawling on the...

Video: Watch This Outdoor Beast Babe Bait A Hook – A Modern Day Ellie Mae

In the comments, they LOVE her or HATE her for what she did in the clip. Who's right? Let us know. She's baiting a hook in an... unconventional way. Some guys are saying 'what a woman'. Others are saying she's a freak. Who's right? See for yourselves, and set us straight. Here's a sampling of reactions from both sides: (Disclaimer, disclaimer, blah blah blah... Comments from the internet have rough language. As if that really...

Watch: Bro Hunts Fish With A [email protected] Sword Like A Viking – Be Impressed!

Spear-fishing? Nah. This guy would rather use a big-ass sword. Knee-deep in a muddy river, he waits. Sword poised for action. This is his first time trying this. Will he land a fish, or will he go home empty-handed with a day wasted? He's hoping to bring home a Buffalo Carp. Watch and enjoy! From the YouTube description: Buck Medley of "Lonestar Legend" and "Relentless Pursuit" tackles a buffalo carp with his Cold Steel Katana Machete....

Video: This Man Cave Is Something Hemingway Would Drool Over

More than 200 different species from around the world, over 277 mounts all in one place makes this among the largest private collections. And he's a fantastic conservationist, too! The man who began with ordinary deer hunting has moved on to not only travel the world and hunt a huge variety of game but to leave his mark on helping both the economies and conservation efforts of those places he...

‘Snake Man’ Wrangles Monster Rattlesnake On The Prairies

Bro gets calls to pick up several rattlesnakes on a single clip, and one is HUGE! In his home city, Ryan 'Snake Man' Heavy Head is the guy who takes the call for the Rattlesnake hotline. They keep him hopping. He's got two calls in just a few minutes. One of his recent trips had a MONSTER. There's more than one snake, but the big one is a little more than 1:30 in. Enjoy! And...

Little Bro Hunts Big Snake – Maybe He Should’ve Waited A Few Years

This little badass is like a real-life Mowgli. What is he, like four? He and his sister are digging BIG snakes out of their holes, while ADULTS over here will freak out over a spider. While kids in America can be surrounded with electronics and STILL find themselves 'bored', these two are out facing nature head-on and biting off as much as they can chew. (And maybe a little more.) Good...

Watch: Zebra Barely Escapes A Crocodile’s Jaws, Only To Find…

The poor bastard didn't get much chance to enjoy its escape, did it? No sooner did it get away before it met another danger. One if by land, two if by sea, right? But what if it's both? They were filming this from a balloon in Africa, and you can hear the excitement in the commentator's voice. He wasn't expecting to see a close encounter like this. He cheers as the...

Watch: Look What Kiteboarder Crashed Into Out In the Ocean!

It's a great big ocean. Should traffic really be a problem? For this kiteboarder, the answer turns out to be yes. Check out what he hit! Well, THAT's Unexpected! It wasn't a log. Or debris. Or someone else out on the water. It was... a humpback whale? He didn't hit it and wipe out, either. He kept on cruising! Good recovery, bro!

Watch: This Moose Owns This Frickin’ Golf Course – Be Afraid!

Q: What do you do when a moose decides NOT to let you play through? A: You get chased around the golf course like a maniac. And if you're this guy? You run right toward your buddy, so the moose can come at both of you. What is this, if you can't outrun the moose, outrun your buddy, instead? Thanks, for nothing, bro. Enjoy the chaos: At first, the moose seemed skittish, not sure quite...

Bro Jumps Into Zoo Enclosure And Starts Kicking Panda Bear @ss!

Aw, he's so cute, sleeping there. Can I touch him? It turns out, cute as they are, pandas are pretty grumpy when you wake them up. You can almost hear the panda saying: "You'll leave when I LET you leave." Do you have to pay extra at that zoo to wrestle a panda, or can any yahoo jump the fence and have a go? He should be happy he didn't jump into the...

WATCH: This Dude Is The World’s Fastest Reloader – Amazing

Blink and you'll miss it. Let's be honest, even in the slow-motion, it's STILL amazing. Some of you might be thinking you're good with a gun. Are you as good as this guy? His name is Nick Saiti. You should know his name. Because this guy is FAST. See for yourself. So, think you can beat him?

WATCH: The Way These Hunters Hunted Cape Buffalo Is Pretty Epic!

Hunting Cape Buffalo. These guys make it look easy. Ride along for the hunt as you see what it's like chasing down big game in Mozambique. Craig Boddington and Jack Delozier went out in the swamps after Cape Buffalo. They were NOT disappointed. The footage is cued up to where the hunt itself begins. Go see their full episode here. If you enjoyed the clip, this book is for you. Get Doug Giles' book, Rise,...

The New Jumanji Movie Looks Like An Outdoor Beast Feast

Remember the Original? That goofy, campy Jumanji movie with Robin Williams in the 80's? This one looks like an ENTIRELY different animal. For one thing, instead of a suburban house, this whole movie is set in the Jungle. That's a great start. But it gets better. It features the Rock. It also features Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan. These are the four people the high school kids get turned into when they...

VIRAL VIDEO: This Polar Bear vs Walrus Brawl Will Never Be Depicted In A Disney Movie

You'd think it would be easy pickings, right? After all, it's a polar bear. Not so fast. It turns out there's more to it that that. The Walrus isn't quite so easy to push around... even for a Polar bear. The pups? Sure THEY are ripe for the picking. But the adults are another story. For one thing, the polar bear can't get through their tough hides. Plus they have those tusks to make...

4M Views: Grizzly V. Bison – An Epic Standoff Between Epic Outdoor Beasts

Ever wonder what would happen if a Grizzly wandered up to a Bison herd? Will he get himself a hearty meal, or will they make it to safety? You don't have to wonder anymore. It's been caught on camera in Yellowstone. The grizzly comes bounding up out of the bushes beyond the bison, and then the fun begins.

WATCH: This Water Buffalo Doesn’t Like These Goofy Fishermen

I don't think he cares if you DO have a license. This is HIS river. And he really... really... doesn't want them here. (Hey guys, can that boat go faster?) 'He was angry' they said. No kidding.

Dear Mr. Moose: Please Swim Faster – You Have A Grizzly Chasing Yo’ @ss!

The bear was NOT happy about the moose swimming in 'his' pond. He just kept coming. The moose knew to get out of the way, but he seemed to think it was HIS pond. Cue that old Benny Hill chase theme music. For this clip, it would fit. Watch: It's funny how the moose keeps stopping to turn around and check whether he's still being chased. You'd think it would be one chase, and then...

This Little Spider Can Spin A Web 80ft. Across A River – Suck On That Spider Man!

It's the toughest natural fiber known to man... stronger than steel. And this little spider can make a bridge out of it. Some people love spiders. Many hate them. But even their greatest critics have to admit they are amazing. This little beastie is the size of a fingernail. And it can make a bridge across a river 80' long. Even scientists can't figure out how such a little critter is able...

WATCH: Bro Gets Insane, Close, Video Of Great White In Super SHALLOW Water

Up Close and personal! This all happened within sight of the cameraman's house, and that wasn't the only excitement in this clip! It's a Great White. Fifteen feet long. In three feet of water. And he's right in there with it. They walked up to have a closer look at it and saw the two propeller strikes it was recovering from. But that wasn't the only danger lurking in the water. You...

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