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This GUN FAIL VIDEO Will Have You Rolling In Stitches!

It's funny cuz it ain't us and they're STUPID AS HELL!

Hipster, Wuss Nation Thrives At Vaping Championship

Where the hell are we going America?

VIDEO: Ginny Thrasher Wins Gold In Shooting At Rio!

Liberals are gonna hate that Shooting was our first gold!

VIDEO: ISIS Tank Gets Heavy Dose Of ‘Merica!

Sending to hell one missile at a time!

VIDEO: Here’s How To Survive When Rex Turns On You!

Cause, "Down Boy!" ain't gonna work!

VIDEO: The Force Ain’t With Her!

Actress just said THIS about guns!

VIDEO: THIS Is A Knife Block!

The second best place to stick your knives!

VIDEO: You’ll Want To Live In This Van Down By The River

We'll live down by the river in one of these any day!

VIDEO: This Arrow Trick Shot Did Not Go Well!

Unless she was aiming for his neck!

VIDEO: Trespassing Hunter Gets BOMBED!

Did he - and his rifle - deserve this?

VIDEO: Mountain Lions Ready To Pounce LA

And it's their own damn fault!

THIS IS A HERO: Trailer For Hacksaw Ridge Is ‘Merica At Its Best!

They weren't called the Greatest Generation for nothing... And he proved why!


Run over or through whatever the hell ya want in this bad boy!

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