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VIDEO: Special Effects Dude Creates Sick Video To Sell His Crappy Suzuki SUV

Can a ten-year-old SUV still be sexy? The AWESOME promo video this Video FX guy built is better than the big-name car commercials. Once they've seen this video? Marketers are going to fight over him. Hollywood...

WATCH: Need BEAR REPELLENT? Try This Scary AF Robotic Clown!

This would make Stephen King wake up in a cold sweat. So. You've got a bear problem. Do you? So did this homeowner. What do you do when the USUAL deterrents aren't working? You get creative. (Keep...

VIDEO: Giraffes Poached For THIS BS Reason!

What kind of culture thinks this ok?

BOOK RELEASE!!! PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male

PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male by Doug Giles

VIDEO: Darcie Celebrates Fishing…

And we love the way she celebrates!

THUG CITY! VIDEO Shows Two Gunmen Going At It IRAQ Style!

Welcome to Atlanta...Do a magazine of bullets in yo' butt make you feel welcome?

INSANE VIDEO Of 66 Pound Salmon Jumping In Boat!

Watch the damage this monster unleashed!

EPIC VIDEO Of Bear Bringing Home The Bacon!

Freshest bacon you've ever seen!

This GUN FAIL VIDEO Will Have You Rolling In Stitches!

It's funny cuz it ain't us and they're STUPID AS HELL!

Hipster, Wuss Nation Thrives At Vaping Championship

Where the hell are we going America?

VIDEO: Ginny Thrasher Wins Gold In Shooting At Rio!

Liberals are gonna hate that Shooting was our first gold!

VIDEO: ISIS Tank Gets Heavy Dose Of ‘Merica!

Sending to hell one missile at a time!

VIDEO: Here’s How To Survive When Rex Turns On You!

Cause, "Down Boy!" ain't gonna work!

VIDEO: The Force Ain’t With Her!

Actress just said THIS about guns!

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