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GRAPHIC PICS: Wait…Is That A Human Arm In That Gator’s Jaws?

A set of photos is depicting what appears to be a golfer's arm in an alligator's jaws is going viral... But it's not what you think... Kind of. Yes, that is a human arm in the gator's jaws... But, NO, it wasn't a golfer. According to SNOPES The photographs are genuine but the description is not accurate. The images do not depict a golfer who was attacked while retrieving his ball. In fact, they show...

Extreme Huntress Exposed! Jeanne McFall Tells All

I am a hunter, but that’s not all that defines me. I’m also an environmental engineer and a mother of a beautiful, curious 6-year old boy. Why do I hunt? I hunt for several reasons. Hunting is a part of me. It’s our heritage gifted and protected through wildlife management made possible by great conservationists like Aldo Leopold and Teddy Roosevelt. Conservationists like these, along with my passion for...

Absolutely Gorgeous Deer / Wildlife Photos

Since I had Martin Luther King's birthday off, it seemed a fine opportunity to get out of doors and see what is loose on the trail. The weather was fine at a paltry 8 degrees with a clear skies.  Leaving early, I was still trumped by another regular who was parked and walking when I arrived at the Kensington Metropark Nature Center.  A strong willed bunch out here. The ground was...

DIY Basement “Cabin” Costs Only $107!

A Reddit user named "Kelhans" was a man with a plan. And the will to see it through for $107! Watch as he builds a great cabin in his basement for almost no money at all! The room when I started. I used old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping. The boards after breaking apart were 1" x 8" x 12' rough cut pine. I used a couple dozen...

Kelly Bensimon Goes Fishing…And We Like That

Actress, model, and socialite Kelly Bensimon... Ok. We had no idea who she was either. Anyway, she went fishing in Miami recently and we have the pics. No news on whether she caught anything or if she just wanted to look like she was fishing. Who cares. Read more here.    

MIND BLOWING PICS Of Kingfisher In Action

Nature at its best... And in super slo-mo. The quick-action birds are plunging into the shallow depths from around 10 metres above the water's surface in Naarden, in The Netherlands. They carefully scan the blue water, hovering quietly above, before hitting the water at high speed and grabbing a fish in a split second. The birds pierced through the water in order to get their beaks around a number of fish, including three-spined...

GALLERY: 10 Hot Gals That Love Hunting!

  Call us sexist pigs... Misogynists... Whatever you like but we like gals that hunt. Here's 10...ok...11 of some of our favorites.

See Why She Went From Vegan To Ocean Hunter!

  She was once a vegan. Now she hunts the ocean for food! 'Why does everyone always assume I'm a vegetarian?' I asked my fiancé this question after another of his friends phoned before a dinner party to check what I'd like to eat instead of the meat option. 'I think you just have that look about you,' he replied, 'And, well, you do a lot of yoga…' I was about to protest until...

Marshawn Lynch’s Tricked Out Custom Jeep Is An OUTDOOR BEAST

Marshawn Lynch... Yeah, we had no idea who he is either. Anyway... Marshawn Lynch took to the internet to show off his new custom Jeep. And it is an Outdoor Beast! He likes green doesn't he? Think he'll ever take it off road? He likes neon too!

NASTY! Deer Sliced In Half By Airplane Prop

It's one of those you know you don't want to see it... But you have to check it out pics. Apparently, this deer met its demise at the hands of a airplane prop. GRAPHIC PHOTO: You've been warned.

Angler Breaks Catfish Record TWICE IN ONE DAY And Both ARE HUGE!!

Zakk Royce is one hell'uva an angler. And a lucky one to boot! Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice? You can bet guide Zakk Royce of Murfreesboro won’t be making that wager any time soon. After catching a 91-pound blue catfish at Lake Gaston on Sunday, Dec. 20 — a fish that stood to break the state record by 6 pounds — he bested himself by shattering that record the...

ALL WET: Yet Another 10 Fishing Gals

    You might also like: ALL WET: Another 10 Great Fishing Gals ALL WET: Another 10 Fishing Babes ALL WET: Top 10 Fishing Babes Holy Carp! You Will NOT BELIEVE This Calendar Deer Hunter’s Fantasy! Top 10 RACK Girls You might also like: ALL WET: Another 10 Great Fishing Gals ALL WET: Another 10 Fishing Babes ALL WET: Top 10 Fishing Babes Holy Carp! You Will NOT BELIEVE This Calendar Deer Hunter’s Fantasy! Top 10 RACK Girls You might also like: ALL WET:...

You Just Thought You Knew What A Giant Earthworm Looked Like…NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!

These are the most insane pics you've seen all day... Probably. Did you know earthworms could get this big? The pics uploaded to ProjectNoah sure makes us think they do. The site claims these worms were found in the Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador.

I Love Hunting Big Game With Old Ass Rifles

I love hunting with old rifles and custom rifles built along classic, early 1900’s, British lines. My friend and world-renown gunmith, Sterling Davenport, has crafted for me many gorgeous rifles along 1920s old Rigby and Wm. Jeffery stock patterns. Currently, I’m having rifle wizard Lon Paul build me a 9.3 x 62 after a glorious and old .350 Rigby rifle. Call me weird… but I dig antiquated turn-bolts, single shots and doubles....

When Santa’s Not Around…See How Much Damage and Confusion A Reindeer Can Cause When Loose In Nottingham

Watch out elves. There's gonna be some hell to pay once Santa finds out about this! Open-mouthed onlookers could barely believe their eyes when a reindeer flew down a suburban street - but not in the way you would think. Bjorn the reindeer took off from the Carlton Hill Tesco store in Nottingham after he was startled by a car's horn, leaving traffic chaos in his wake. The animal had been part of...

MONSTER Peacock Bass Taken In The Amazon…Real OUTDOOR BEASTS

By Capt Peacock We’ve had a great two weeks past here in Amazônia. Just fantastic. Two weeks ago was the thirteenth week of the season, and although it was a short trip, it was none the less one of my favorites. A big part of the reason for such dealt with my old friend Michael Tackett. I don’t remember just how many times Michael’s been down fishing with us…No, I really can’t...

ALL WET: Another 10 Great Fishing Gals

Maybe it's the colder weather that's got us thinking of warmer days... with hot fishing partners... Regardless of the reason, here's another 10 of our favorite Fishing Gals! ALL WET: Another 10 Fishing Babes ALL WET: Top 10 Fishing Babes

New Texas Catfish Record Set…This Thing’s HUGE

Ronny Norenberg just broke a Texas record that stood for 50 years. And he broke it by 20 pounds. He did so by landing a 37.54 pound channel cat at Lake Fork late yesterday. Look at the size of that BRUTE. Congrats!

GALLERY: Doug Giles’ Trophy Room (House)

With Outdoor Beasts and Clash Daily founder moving into new digs early next year, we thought it a good time to look at all the trophies in his current house before they get packed away. The collection is vast and placed among Doug's art. The results are a trophy room - house! - unlike any you've seen before.

Deer Hunter’s Fantasy! Top 10 RACK Girls

With the new year upon us, we thought it best to look at some of the gals that help us pass the months. The Rack Girls. Here's a look at some of our no particular order. Like what you see? Then you might like these as well! ALL WET: Another 10 Fishing Babes ALL WET: Top 10 Fishing Babes

GRUESOME Proof Of The Circle Of Life As Snake Swallows Parrot

It's a fact that Anti-Hunters don't want to admit... Nothing gets out of life alive. And such was the case when this python decided to swallow this parrot whole. Disturbing! No news on where these were taken but does it matter?

ALL WET: Another 10 Fishing Babes

Guys like to fish. Gals like to fish. Guys like looking at gals fishing. Her ya’ go guys…another 10 of our favorite Fishing Babes…in no particular order. ALL WET: Top 10 Fishing Babes

HUGE! You Won’t Believe How Big This Rat Caught In China Is

This is the biggest rat we've ever seen. And we cover politics! Students at Wenzhou Medical University in China were horrified to find a dog-sized rat running about their campus. See the guy's shoes in the upper left hand corner? No...this is not Photoshopped. The rat was identified as a river rat, and, yep, they get that big!

Circle Of Life: Baby Elephant Barely Escapes Croc

Hey all you bunny lovers n' tree huggers... This is how natures works! This baby elephant had a very lucky escape after a crocodile tried to bite off his trunk - only for his mum to come to the rescue. In a real-life version of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, this calf had been splashing around in the shallow end of a watering hole in the African bush, when the crocodile launched out...


The story of this fur seal is scandalous. And, no, we're not referring to what actually happened to the seal. That's barbaric. We're referring to how the press labeled the criminal that did this as an "fisherman" without having any proof whatsoever. It's like calling a poacher a "hunter!" Who would do this? Fur seal is left to die in agony after a cruel fisherman lodged rammed a harpoon into his back A barbaric attack...


These pics are unreal! And show a nasty fact of life in nature. It's eat or be eaten...even by your own species. Sandra Bell captured a leviathan croc eating a smaller croc during a trip to Catfish Waterhole at Rinyirru National Park in the Cape York Peninsula in North Queensland, Australia. Bell estimated the larger saltwater croc to be over 15 feet in length. And the smaller one? Well, he's dead.

GALLERY: The 5 Toughest Animals On The Planet…Number 3 Will Surprise You BIG TIME

Nature can be a cruel mistress but then so can the animals that call her home. Some kill, some maim,and some just don't give a damn. These are the FIVE toughest critters on the planet. The Guinness book has declared the honey badger as, “the world's most fearless animal.” It looks like a weird skunk or, from the front, like a tiny bear wearing an old man's toupée, and it's got the...

GALLERY: Kudu Fight Up Close and Personal!

While on safari in Botswana with Ivan Carter and Johan Calitz Safaris,  I was fortunate to witness a truly awe-inspiring sight: two kudu bulls going head to head. Here's what it looks like when two giant antelope fight for dominance. Safari Classics Productions cameraman Andy McDonald was the first to discover the fight.  We were driving through a heavily wooded area when a clap of thunder startled us.  Another clap...

Their “Catch” Is Unlike Any Fish You’ve Ever Seen!

Nik Pyselman and Cam Twigley landed a fish unlike any you've ever seen. Unless your an Ichthyologist or something. The two men were jogging on Fitzroy Beach on New Zealand’s North Island when they encountered a lacetfish floundering in shallow water. Twigley told the Daily Mail, “It looked like it was struggling a bit to get off the shore. I knew we had stumbled across something out of the ordinary so I...

These Guys With “Glitter Beards” Need To Go Hunting…Or Have Their Butts Kicked!

"Glitter Beards" are apparently a thing. And by "thing" we mean...ah man, we have no words. These guys need to head afield with a gun or a rod soon!  Pronto like! You're manhood is out there sirs. Go claim it back!

BEASTS Of The Amazon: Capt Peacock’s Fishing Report For Nov. 12 – 20, 2015

By Capt Peacock One of the questions I’m most often asked is, “Are you The Most Interesting Man in the World from those Dos Equis commercials?” And when I answer that I’m not – I’m far more interesting – I’m asked to describe just how great fly-fishing in the Amazon is. Well, I’ll let my guests’ experience from this last week address that inquiry. We had 15 great fly fisher on the...

Black Bear Gets His Head Stuck in A What?

A bear near Cunningham Falls State Park in Frederick County, Maryland pulled a Winnie the Pooh when it got its head stuck. And, no, the bear wasn't after a big pot of honey. Close though. The bear got its head stuck in a milk can. Don't worry. Authorities cut the can off  and the bear is fine.

These 5 Animals ARE NOT PHOTOSHOPPED But You’ll Swear They Are

The Internet. The information highway. And the information lie-way. With the Internet, it's hard to know what's real and what's not...but let us assure you right off...the following are real pics that have not been Photoshopped. Alligator There’s no way that alligator is real, right? Even if it was, wouldn’t it be a world record? Well, it was certainly close. According to South Carolina Sportsman, Mary Ellen Christian and Mark Christian caught this beast...

Real Outdoor Pics To Die For

Our good friend Bruce Hoepner sent us some fantastic shots he took during his “Veteran's Day hike” in Kensington Metropark, Michigan. Well, some of the shots were taken that day. Others back in March. But who cares? They’re all great! Thanks again to Bruce! Email us your trophy pics and details today!

GHASTLY: This 200 + Deer Herd All Have One Thing In Common…And It’s Not What You Think

This is the strangest looking deer herd you will ever see. Or possibly not see depending on what happens. Hundreds of rare white deer roaming on an abandoned US Army depot face an uncertain future when the plot of land goes on sale. There are about 200 white deer - a natural variant of the brown white-tailed deer - on 7,000 acres of the site that will soon be put up for...

SURPRISE! These Celebrities Fish

Given the oversensitive, PC world in which we live, it's nice to see celebrities in the field enjoying themselves. Especially when that enjoyment comes from fishing! Haven't these folks heard of PETA? Regardless, here's some of our favorite celebrities that fish. Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, often enjoys fishing. No word on whether Christie enjoys doing so but she is often seen on trips with her daughter. Country singer Miranda...

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