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VIDEO: This Arrow Trick Shot Did Not Go Well!

Unless she was aiming for his neck!

Croc Has A Taste For OTHER CROCS!

You'll never go near the water again after seeing these pics!

VIDEO: Marine’s New Weapon SCREAMS “‘Merica!” 55K Times A Second

Here ISIS, ISIS! We got something for you!

VIDEO: Pigeon Shooting? At The Olympics?

It used to be an event!

VIDEO: What Kirsten Dunst & Maxtrax Have In Common

They have something in common?

Rowdy and Rebellious Regis Giles

Regis Giles decided that she had enough of seeing headlines about women who were abducted, raped and murdered

VIDEO: Guns Of The US Presidents

Obama's and Clinton's guns are not featured...

VIDEO: Trespassing Hunter Gets BOMBED!

Did he - and his rifle - deserve this?

VIDEO: Ironclad Gloves Are Made For OUTDOOR BEASTS!

Give these gloves a hand! Or Two!

EPIC BRUTALITY As Croc Takes On Zebra!

This ain't no Disney film!

VIDEO: Mountain Lions Ready To Pounce LA

And it's their own damn fault!

GROSS! Here’s Why Scientists Think You Should Be Eating Bugs

Thanks Science! We Can't wait to eat bugs!

THIS IS A HERO: Trailer For Hacksaw Ridge Is ‘Merica At Its Best!

They weren't called the Greatest Generation for nothing... And he proved why!


Run over or through whatever the hell ya want in this bad boy!

VIDEO: Now PETA Finds Street Names Offensive!

  Could this group get any crazier?

VIDEO: Texan Claims Self-Defense In Turtle Attack

  He killed the turtle with a hammer... But claims the killing was in self-defense.

VIDEO: Bongo Hunting Here and There

  Here's all you ever wanted to know about bongo!

Outdoor Beasts Flourish In New Kong: Skull Island Trailer

  Kong is back... Or maybe a cousin of his... Something. Just check out what does appear in the new Kong: Skull Island trailer.

Benicio Del Toro Talks Hunter S. Thompson & Drinking!

  If you're gonna drink... It's best to do so with the master... And that master was Hunter S. Thompson. Are your friends like mine and insist on hanging out in the kitchen? “Always the kitchen. I spent time with Hunter S. Thompson, the writer, and his office was in the kitchen and it was because of that. Everybody hangs out by the kitchen, so he made his office . Really smart.” Did you...

Croc Takes Surfer’s Leg

  Good Lord! An American surfer who had part of his right leg amputated after he was attacked by a large crocodile in Costa Rica was able to escape because his friend fought the reptile off with his hands. Local media named the man as 59-year-old John Becker, and said he was attacked while crossing the river between Playa Grande and Tamarindo in Costa Rica about 7am on Friday. Becker escaped the crocodile...

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tiger Attack In China

  If the sign says, "Stay in your car," then... STAY IN YOUR CAR! Tiger attacks and kills woman at safari park in China, THIS is the horrifying moment that a woman is killed and badly injured another after being attacked by tigers at a wildlife park in China. It is understood the tragic accident happened after the pair got out of the safari vehicle they were in following a fight. Dramatic moment woman...


  When the hunter becomes the hunted!

VIDEO: Orangutan Gets REAL Touchy Feely With Gal!

  Who knew that orangutans were such pervs?

Liberals Have Strange Ideas How To Save Ferrets

  Really? Who came up with this idea? Kids? Scientists may have found the perfect weapon in the fight to save the critically endangered black-footed ferret: drones outfitted to shoot vaccine-spiked, peanut butter-flavored bait pellets. The vaccine snacks, however, aren’t for the ferrets, but the burrowing rodents the animals rely on almost exclusively for food and shelter: prairie dogs. As it turns out, protecting their prey could prove key to recovering ferret populations. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife...


  These incredible photographs capture the moment a hungry lion goes in for the kill before devouring his prey. Amateur photographers Howard and Marianne Berger spent days hoping to glimpse a wild animal at the Polentswa waterhole in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa. And their patience paid off when the predator pounced on an unsuspecting antelope as it took a drink. See more here

VIDEO: How’d Fisting That Bear Trap Work Out For Ya?

  Why the hell would anyone even try this? Makes for some funny watching though!

VIDEO: Adorable Baby Raccoon Needs A Life Jacket

  Get ready to go, "ahhhhhhhh."

Does The Change In Chris Kyle’s Record Change Your Opinion?

  The Navy made "some mistakes" And now Chris Kyle isn't quite as heroic as we were led to believe. Is this a real mistake? Liberal smear campaign? Or just good old fashion BS? WASHINGTON — Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the late famed “American Sniper,” overstated the number of medals he was awarded for heroism, according to a Navy investigation released Friday. The Navy personnel form that Kyle signed and initialed when he left the Navy in 2009 credited...

VIDEO: Moose Goes AIRBORNE After Getting NAILED By SUV

  You won't believe this one!

Just How Big Is This Australian Croc?

  This thing is MASSIVE! But just how massive?! A massive five-metre crocodile has been sighted in the waters of a popular fishing spot. Orhan Yilmaz, 30, photographed the reptile as it was swimming in the mangroves in Shady Camp, a spot regularly frequented by anglers in the Northern Territory's Mary River National Park. The images have emerged just months after a man drowned in a Northern Territory river after a crocodile flipped his boat. Mr...

VIDEO: DO NOT Watch This Video Alone!

  There are some true OUTDOOR BEASTS in this one!

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