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They weren't singing and dancing like in a Disney movie before this...Or AFTER!

What Ancient Man Was Killing With This Will Blow You Away!

And how science figured it out might make you reconsider your cleaning habits!

Touchy-Feely, Liberal Pukes Want You To Start Drinking THIS Milk

Even though it's GUARANTEED to make you gag!

VIDEO: Ginny Thrasher Wins Gold In Shooting At Rio!

Liberals are gonna hate that Shooting was our first gold!

VIDEO: ISIS Tank Gets Heavy Dose Of ‘Merica!

Sending to hell one missile at a time!

DISGUSTING! Hillary Goes After Trump Kids For Hunting

She ust have forgot about those SEALS she killed in Benghazi

VIDEO: The Force Ain’t With Her!

Actress just said THIS about guns!

VIDEO: THIS Is A Knife Block!

The second best place to stick your knives!

Lion Gets OWNED By Buffalo Herd

King of the jungle nothing!

VIDEO: You’ll Want To Live In This Van Down By The River

We'll live down by the river in one of these any day!

VIDEO: This Arrow Trick Shot Did Not Go Well!

Unless she was aiming for his neck!

Croc Has A Taste For OTHER CROCS!

You'll never go near the water again after seeing these pics!

Rowdy and Rebellious Regis Giles

Regis Giles decided that she had enough of seeing headlines about women who were abducted, raped and murdered

VIDEO: Guns Of The US Presidents

Obama's and Clinton's guns are not featured...

VIDEO: Trespassing Hunter Gets BOMBED!

Did he - and his rifle - deserve this?

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