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VIRAL: Boar Hunting With ELEPHANT GUNS Is A Whole Lot Of AWESOME!

"This hog was dead before it hit the ground." This is how you take care of the feral hog problem. With authority. Using their 9.3 x 74R and .577 Nitro Express double rifles, Glenn Kendall and Doug...

VIDEO: Giraffes Poached For THIS BS Reason!

What kind of culture thinks this ok?

BOOK RELEASE!!! PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male

PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male by Doug Giles

THUG CITY! VIDEO Shows Two Gunmen Going At It IRAQ Style!

Welcome to Atlanta...Do a magazine of bullets in yo' butt make you feel welcome?

Why The .404 Is King Of Dangerous Game!

Don't head afield without it!

Only In Obama’s America!

You'll be furious! Man arrested for THIS!

EPIC VIDEO Of Bear Bringing Home The Bacon!

Freshest bacon you've ever seen!

Here’s How Hunter S. Thompson Stole Hemingway’s Elk Antlers

And how they were returned 52 years later!

This GUN FAIL VIDEO Will Have You Rolling In Stitches!

It's funny cuz it ain't us and they're STUPID AS HELL!

LADIES: Is CAMO Clothing ‘OPPRESSIVE’ To You Or Is This Leftist Certifiably Nuts?

File this under, 'Radical Feminists Have LOST Their Damn Minds!'


They weren't singing and dancing like in a Disney movie before this...Or AFTER!

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