Seal VS Great White…Who Ya’ Got?


Seals gotta live.

Great whites gotta kill.

Seal VS Great White...Who Ya' Got?

A set of gripping images show a herd of Cape Fur Seals darting past a Great White Shark-although it appears one from this group failed to make it past into clearer waters.

The dramatic shots, taken around Seal Island in South Africa, shows the young seals braving the so called ‘ring of death’ which is a circle of sharks circumnavigating the island waiting for an easy kill.

Seal VS Great White...Who Ya' Got?

Seal Island is home to some 64,000 seals from April through to September and scores of sharks gather around its perimeter to feast on the less experience who are brave enough to enter the waters in order to feed.

With such an abundance of seals on offer the sharks are nearly always guaranteed to secure a meal when in the area during the summer months.

Indeed, it is one of the few places on the planet where the predator is known to leap out of the water to grab their fleeing victim, as shown in the images below.

Seal VS Great White...Who Ya' Got?
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