Rhino VS Elephant! Who Ya’ Got?!



Elephants may be big, but this black rhino wasn’t in the mood for any nonsense despite the size difference.

These incredible pictures capture a showdown between two arrogant teenage elephants and a female black rhino at a waterhole in Etosha National Park in Namibia in July.

The two African species are usually civil to each other, but the arrival of the rhino clearly peeved the juvenile elephants.

Rhino VS Elephant!

A confrontation ensued between the two elephants and the rhino. But the latter, despite being smaller, stood her ground – and even chased one of the elephants off.

The images were captured by wildlife photographer Andrew Forsyth, who assumed that when the rhino arrived, a peaceful scene would ensue.

Rhino VS Elephant! Who Ya' Got?!

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