CRAZY Lady Goes BEAST Mode On Subway And You Won’t Believe What She Did

Written by Gayne Young on August 26, 2016


What the hell lady?

CRAZY Lady Goes BEAST Mode On Subway And You Won't Believe What She Did

Passengers inside a carriage on the New York subway were sent into a panicked frenzy after a woman released a tub of live bugs and then urinated on herself.

The incident took place on a Brooklyn-bound D train on Wednesday just after 6pm, according to police.

The woman had been trying to sell crickets and worms during the evening commute when a group of teenagers reportedly pushed her.

One witness said someone had punched her in the face.

CRAZY Lady Goes BEAST Mode On Subway And You Won't Believe What She Did

Mass hysteria quickly ensued as she tossed the container of bugs into the air, leaving commuters running to one end of the car while screaming and crying, according to theĀ New York Post.

‘Woman just let crickets out on the D Train as we went over the Manhattan Bridge,’ passenger Ezra Mechaber wrote on Twitter as he recounted the incident.

Someone pulled the emergency brake, causing the train to stall on the Manhattan Bridge for 15 minutes as crickets flew and worms wriggled around the train.

Air conditioning then shut off and the hysterical passengers were left stuck inside the hot car with the woman and the crickets, which started jumping on passengers.

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