C**KS Not Glocks Sweeps Over Liberal University of Texas




What the hell people!

No pun intended but the whole entire gun control debate is such a loaded gun from top to bottom. If you tell people you’re against gun control, they’ll just start frisbeeing pictures of dead people at you until you die of a thousand paper cuts. If you tell people you’re for gun control, they’ll pull a gun on you and challenge you to defend yourself with the gun that you just voluntarily gave up. I mean, I’m pretty torn on the whole debate myself. On the one hand, if a dude with a gun broke into my home, I’d definitely like to have a gun to defend myself with. On the other hand, I’m not sure how comfortable I am with a crazy dude whose nickname in high school was ‘Banana Bread Brian’ being able to get a gun as easily as I can.

C**KS Not Glocks Sweeps Over Liberal University of Texas

Despite my own inability to pick a side, some students at University of Texas at Austin have taken a staunch stand against the school’s new campus carry rules. How are they protesting? By carrying around dildos under the banner of the ‘Cocks Not Glocks’ campaign.

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