True Hero! Dog Dies Saving Veteran From Alligator!


A sad story of a true hero!

A veteran’s service dog was killed by an alligator at the Port LaBelle Marina.
Robert Lineberger is epileptic and depended on his medical alert dog, Precious, for more than six years.
Lineberger recently moved into the marina about a month ago, where he lives on his sailboat. He stepped onto the dock and never saw what was coming.
“It was pitch black, and I really didn’t hear anything until I rounded the corner, and then I heard like claws,” he said.

True Hero! Dog Dies Saving Veteran From Alligator!
Precious started guarding her owner as he was being threatened by a 13-foot alligator on the dock.
“My service dog stepped out in front of me to protect me, and the gator grabbed a hold of her front legs.”
An image, he said, will never be erased from his mind.

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