VIDEO: Would You Pay To Vacation Like A Castaway?


She wanted to live like a castaway…

So much, in fact, that she paid to do so!

Despite having no previous Robinson Crusoe experience, one student decided to maroon herself on a remote island for 19 days.

Reikko Hori, a 22-year-old from Japan, was dropped off on the Indonesian island of Amparo, 4,200 miles northwest of Australia with a magnifying glass for starting fires and a spear gun for killing her dinner. And not much else.

What’s more, this was a holiday that she’d paid for.

Hori had booked her island getaway with Docastaway, which bills itself as ‘the first travel company in the world to specialize in holidays and experiences in remote desert Islands around the planet’.

Outdoor Beasts VIDEO: Would You Pay To Vacation Like A Castaway?

They offer a variety of island escapes, with varying levels of comfort. Hori had chosen their most extreme category – adventure mode.

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