This Giraffe Isn’t Albino…But It Is REAL WHITE!


Great Caesar’s ghost!

Or any ghost for that matter!

Check out this super rare white giraffe.

These incredible snaps show a rare white giraffe grazing in the African bush.

Omo the white giraffe has been spotted roaming around Tarangire National Park, in Tanzania, along with the rest of her herd – who don’t seem to be bothered about her unusual colouring.

Ecologist Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild Nature Institute, caught the pale giraffe on camera.

Outdoor Beasts This Giraffe Isn't Albino...But It Is REAL WHITE!

Derek, 45, said: ‘Omo is leucistic, meaning many of the skin cells are incapable of making a pigment but some are, so she is pale – but not pure white with red or blue eyes as a true albino would be.

‘It is a genetic condition.

This Giraffe Isn't Albino...But It Is REAL WHITE!

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